NYC Couple Shoot

From a Gold Coast wedding to a NYC Couple Shoot, I am fortunate enough to be able to travel the world with my photography.

Craig and Kahlia’s portrait session took place in Brooklyn, NYC. Brooklyn, in particular the Dumbo area, is a perfect mix of old, new and eclectic architecture. That is why it became the ideal backdrop for this photoshoot. Craig Tuffin, a photographer himself, was in NYC to display his art work at the Howard Greenburg Gallery opening. Craig uses a unique photographic style that has drawn international attention and can be compared to the works of Sally Man and Jerry Spagnoli. Check the work of Craig Tuffin.

These photos were shot using my Pentax 67 film camera. I chose to use film because I love a challenge and the process of shooting through different mediums. The scans were processed through Indi Film Lab

I wanted to take these guys around the city and take a few pictures along the way with my 7kg Pentax 67 film camera. I managed to get a couple nice ones, and a big thanks to Indi Film Lab for the fantastic scans. I wanted to shoot this all this on film just to challenge myself a little, and cause I'm in love with the look and process of shooting different mediums.