Finding Balance as a Photographer

If you ever wondered where the name came from…… it is! Meet River; energetic, empathetic and a serious nature lover. And thats Me of course! Sometimes I forget that I have this inquisitive little human watching my every move, idolising me and trying to work out what life is all about. Thats why I make it my lifelong goal to give him my time. For a two year old, time with mum and dad is all they crave and need.

Finding balance with a home office can be challenging at times. Kate and I make sure that one of us is always present when River is around. We don’t want technology taking over our family home environment. We certainly don’t want River to think that our laptop or Iphone is more important than having a real conversation with him.

Family timeout is also a great way  to escape todays gadgets. Our favourite place to escape is out in the valley, right out, where you lose phone coverage! Because lets face it, its far too tempting checking that phone to see who liked your latest image or started following you on Instagram.

Moral of the story – remember who’s watching, give your time and don’t be afraid to escape for an hour or two!

“The problem is that technology has become an extra limb for some of us. It’s important to utilise this technology, but at the same time it’s important to know when to take a break from it.” – Alex Broches


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